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Transcriptomic analysis of OsRUS1 overexpression rice lines with rapid and dynamic leaf rolling morphology

Organism Icon Oryza sativa
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OsRUS1-GFP overexpression (OsRUS1-OX) transgenic rice lines were generated using ZH-11 wildtype. Under well-watered conditions, the leaves of OsRUS1-OX transgenic rice lines could roll in about four minutes under sunlight, and the rolled leaves of OsRUS1-OX transgenic rice lines could expand in about seven minutes if the sunlight was shaded, while the leaves of wildtype ZH-11 expanded all the times at the same conditions. The mechanism behind the light-responded rapid and dynamic leaf rolling phenotype of OsRUS1-OX transgenic rice lines is unknown. Therefore, in order to understand this mechanism the RNA-Seq approach was used to explore the expressed genes difference between OsRUS1-OX and ZH-11. Overall design: When ZH-11 and OsRUS1-OX plants were at the heading stage, the flag leaves were collected on a sunny summer day (11:00 am, WT with expanded leaves, OsRUS1-OX with rolled leaves) with triplicate. mRNA profiles of above samples were generated by deep sequencing using Illumina Hiseq platform.
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