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Tanycyte-independent control of hypothalamic leptin signaling

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Purpose: 1. Bulk-RNA-Seq was performed to identify tancytye-enriched genes. 2. scRNA-Seq was performed to profile hypothalamic cells following leptin treatment Conclusions: Leptin receptor expression in tanycytes is either absent or undetectably low, that tanycytes do not directly regulate hypothalamic leptin signaling, and that leptin regulates gene expression in diverse hypothalamic cell types through both direct and indirect mechanisms. Overall design: Methods 1 (Bulk-RNA-Seq). Flow-sorted RNA samples from Rax-EGFP BAC transgenic mice were sent to the Deep Sequencing and Microarray Core (Johns Hopkins University) for library preparation and sequencing. Briefly, polyadenylated RNA was purified from the total RNA samples using Oligo dT conjugated magnetic beads and prepared for single-end sequencing according to the Illumina TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation Kit v2 (# RS-122-2001, Illumina). The libraries were sequenced for paired-end 75 cycles using the TruSeq SBS kit on NextSeq 500 system. Filtered sequencing reads were mapped to the mouse reference genome (mm10) using TopHat. FPKM value for each gene was estimated using Cufflink. Methods 2 (scRNA-Seq). Mice brain coronal slices (aCSF- or leptin-infused) were dissociated using Act-Seq protocol and re-suspended cells were loaded into V2 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell system, and libraries were sequenced on Illumina NextSeq with ~150 million reads per library. Sequencing results were processed 10x Genomics pipeline. Seurat V2 was used to perform downstream analysis following the standard pipeline using cells with more than 500 genes and 1000 UMI counts.
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