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A Human Liver Cell Atlas reveals Heterogeneity and Epithelial Progenitors

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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We perfomed single-cell RNA-sequnecing of around 10,000 cells from normal human liver tissue to construct a human liver cell atlas. We reveal previously unknown subtypes in different cell type compartments. We also use our normal liver cell atlas to infer perturbed phenoytpes of cells from HCC samples, human cells engrafted into a mouse liver and liver organoids. Overall design: Single cells were isolated from human liver resection specimens and then sorted by FACS into 384 well plates in a unbiased way and on the basis of cell surface markers for distinct cell types. ScRNA-seq was done using the mCelSeq2 protocol cellbarcodes_cellid.csv Supplemetary file contains cellds and one of the 192 unique cellbarcode associated with the cellid.
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