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Single-Cell Transcriptomes of the Regenerating Intestine Reveal a Revival Stem Cell [part 2]

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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The weekly turnover of the intestinal epithelium is driven by multipotent, Lgr5+, crypt base columnar cells (CBCs). In response to injury, however, Lgr5+ cells are lost but then re-emerge and are required for successful recovery. How these resurgent Lgr5+ stem cells arise is unclear. We transcriptionally profiled single cells from regenerating intestinal epithelia and identified a unique cell type we term the revival stem cell (rSC). rSCs are mutually exclusive to CBCs and are distinguished by elevated expression of cell survival and DNA repair genes. In homeostasis, rSCs are extremely rare, but nevertheless give rise to all the major cell types of the intestine including crypt-villus axes. After damage rSCs display a 20-fold, Yap-dependent, transient expansion, reconstitute the Lgr5+ CBC compartment and are required to regenerate a functional intestine. These studies define a unique stem cell phenotype that is mobilized by damage to reconstitute the intestinal epithelium. Overall design: Examination of regenerating mouse intestinal epithelium.
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