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Transcriptome analysis of mice adipose tissues

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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We report that the HF/HS-mediated functional enrichment of genes of immunity and inflammation is driven toward normal by the AOF supplementation Obesity may not constantly associate with metabolic disorders and mortality later in life, raising the challenging concept of healthy obesity. Here, high fat-high sucrose (HF/HS) feeding produces hyperglycaemia and hypercholesterolemia, increases oxidative stress, elevates endotoxemia, expands adipose tissue (with enlarged adipocytes, macrophage infiltration and accumulation of cholesterol and oxysterols), and reduces lifespan of obese mice. Despite persistence of obesity, supplementation with an antioxidant formulation normalizes plasma lipids and endotoxemia, prevents macrophage recruitment in adipose tissue, reduces adipose accumulation of cholesterol and cholesterol oxides, and extends lifespan. The HF/HS-mediated functional enrichment of genes of immunity and inflammation (in particular response to lipopolysaccharides) is driven towards normal by the antioxidant formulation. It is concluded that the limitation of immune cell infiltration in adipose tissue on the long term by an antioxidant formulation can increase lifespan independently of body weight and fat storage. It constitutes the hallmark of a healthy adiposity trait. Overall design: Examination of the expression profile of mice adipose tissues fed either standard (Std), High-fat/high-sucrose (HF/HS) or HF/HS + antioxidant formulation (AOF) for 180 days
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