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Transcriptome changes caused by RBP-P mutations in rice seed

Organism Icon Oryza sativa
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Two RBP-P mutants, P1MH and P3MH, carrying G401S and A252T point mutations, respectively, were obtained by TILLING studies ( The A252T mutation site in P3MH lies within the linker sequence between the two RRM domains while the G401S substitutions in P1MH is located in the glycine-rich C-terminal region. Those mutations results in varying degrees of reduced RNA binding and/or protein-protein interactive properties of RBP-P. Transcriptome analysis on the dehulled 10-14 days old developing seeds from wild type, P1MH and P3MH mutants indicates that partial loss of RBP-P function caused the differential expression of storage protein genes and relevant genes involved in several essential biological processes during rice development. Overall design: Total 9 samples were anlyzed, including 3 biological repeats from each genotype,wild type, P1MH (G401S) and P3MH (A252T)
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