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Gene expression changes in THP1 cells at day 2 and 4 following shRNA knock-down of RUVBL2

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We used an inducible shRNA system and RNA-Seq to examine gene expression changes in acute myeloid leukemia THP1 cells following silencing of RUVBL2. RUVBL2 is a AAA+ ATPase that functions in a number of cellular processes, including chromatin remodeling and transcriptional control, and is critical for survival of acute myeloid leukemia cells and in vivo disease progression. Overall design: Total cellular RNA was extracted using the RNeasy Plus Mini Kit from THP1 cells transduced with RUVBL2-specific inducible shRNA, following 2 and 4 days exposure to doxycycline or medium controls. In total, 6 pairs of control and doxycycline-treated samples were analysed (3 control and 3 doxycycline-treated for each time-point).
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