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transition-Transcriptome of floral transition

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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ngs2015_01_transition-transition-Identification of transcripts and long non-coding transcripts in wild-type mature rosette leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana during a photoperiodic switch inducing floral transition.-Arabidopsis thaliana Col-0 plants were grown in soil, in growth chamber under white fluorescent light, under short-day (8 hours light/16 hours dark, SD) or long-day (16 hours light/8 hours dark, LD) conditions. Temperature in SD was 21°C during the light period and 18°C during the dark, humidity (65%) remained constant. In LD, temperature (21°C) and humidity (70%) remained constant. Plants were cultured for 4 weeks in individual pot, in SD then transferred in LD. Plants were analysed at different time points before transfer (T0) and after two, three and five days of transfer (T2, T3, T5). The second pair of leaves was collected before dusk, at Zeitgeber time 15 (ZT15) considering ZT 0 the switched on of the light. Three biological replicates were performed. The floral transition occurs between T0 and T5 based on AP1:GUS marker, a inflorescence meristem is not yet visible during this developmental window at the center of the rosette. Overall design: 12 samples with 3 biological replicates. time course
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