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RNAseq of CD31-/CD45- pneumocytes after 4 weeks of KRasG12V activation by tamoxifen

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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We report the RNAseq data obtained from 50.000-100.000 CD31-/CD45- pneumocytes isolated by FACS from mice harboring a normal dose or one extra copy of the Sirt1 gene, and a tamoxifen-inducible oncogenic KI alelle of KRasG12V after 4 weeks of tamoxifen treatment. Pneumocytes with the activated form of the inducible KRasG12V oncogene sere selected making use of the reporter gene LacZ (located next to the oncogene in the same polycistronic mRNA), by loading CD31-/CD45- pneumocytes with the LacZ-activated fuorogenic molecule FDG prior to FACS sorting. Overall design: Four replicates of each genetic group (Sirt1-WT and Sirt1-Tg) pneumocytes were used for this study. Sirt1-WT were used as reference controls.
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