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Gene expression regulated by warm temperature in C. elegans

Organism Icon Caenorhabditis elegans
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Stress resistance induced by mild environmental stress protects animals against aging-associated cellular damages and promotes longevity. Here, we reveal that mild heat triggers innate immune and detoxification responses that confers longevity at warm temperatures. We compared the transcriptome of 25째C-cultivated animals to that of 15째C controls through RNA-seq analysis. A total of 1958 transcripts were differentially regulated, with 1143 up-regulations and 815 down-regulations. Overall design: RNA from 15째C and 25째C-cultivated wild type C. elegans developed to the L4 stage was extracted and analyzed by RNA sequencing. Genes having a fold change of > 2 (either up or down) and FDR of < 0.01 were considered as high temperature-regulated genes.
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