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The dynamics of cis/trans change and plasticity in different Arabidopsis during desiccation time course

Organism Icon Arabidopsis, Arabidopsis lyrata, Arabidopsis halleri, Arabidopsis thaliana
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To describe how stress response evolve, we undertook a time-series analysis of plant transcriptome responses to progressive dehydration in species Arabidopsis lyrata, which is robust to drought stress, and compared it to the response displayed by the outgroup species A. thaliana and the more sensitive sister species A. halleri. To trail the dynamics of cis/trans change, a combination of transcriptome with three parents and two of their hybrids at 6 time points was set up. Each sample was prepared for 4 biological replicates in one week intervals, and the total sample size is 120. This dataset is used for understanding the molecular basis of adaptive stress plasticity to dehydration among species as well.
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