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Discovery of a novel plant eIF4E-binding protein: Conserved Binding of eIF4E 1 (CBE1)

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Regulation of translation initiation is accomplished in diverse eukaryotes through proteins which bind to the mRNA cap-binding protein, eIF4E, and either prevent its association with eIF4G or form repressive mRNPs which exclude the translation machinery. Such mechanisms in plants, and even the presence of eIF4E-interacting proteins outside of eIF4G (and the plant-specific isoform eIFiso4G, which binds eIFiso4E) which operate in a gene regulatory manner are not known. Here we describe the Conserved Binding of eIF4E 1 (CBE1), a plant-specific protein with an evolutionarily conserved eIF4E binding motif. This protein binds eIF4E or eIFiso4E in vitro to form cap-binding complexes, and is found as a constituent of cap-binding complexes in vivo in an eIF4E-dependent manner. Mutants lacking CBE1 show dysregulation of cell cycle related transcripts, accumulating higher levels relative to wild-type plants of mRNAs encoding proteins involved in mitotic processes. These findings support CBE1 as a plant protein with the capability to form cap-binding complexes with the potential for gene regulatory activity. Overall design: poly(A) RNA fraction was purified and sequenced from homogenized 7-day-old seedling tissue, grown under long day conditions on 1% sucrose MS plates, with three biological replicates of Col0 (wild-type) or cbe1 mutant
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