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Transcriptomic profile of TRIM8-driven neural stem cells

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We recently described TRIM8, a nuclear E3 ubiquitin ligase, whose expression inversely correlates with glioma grade. TRIM8 restoration suppresses cell growth and induces a significant reduction of clonogenic potential in both U87MG glioblastoma and patients' primary glioma cell lines. Since E3 ubiquitin ligase proteins regulate carcinogenesis through the timely control of many cellular processes such as DNA damage response, metabolism, transcription, and apoptosis, we reasoned that TRIM8 activity might impact on cell transcriptome patterns, thereby promoting cancer development and progression. Therefore, we profiled the whole transcriptome of normal embryonic neural stem cells (eNSC) infected with a retrovirus expressing FLAG-Trim8 by using RNA-Seq. RNA-Seq revealed 1365 differentially expressed transcripts of 912 genes. 723 of them (corresponding to 648 RefSeq genes) differed significantly of at least 1.5 folds (192 upregulated transcripts of 178 genes and 531 downregulated transcripts of 470 genes). 80 genes, among all differentially expressed genes, resulted to significantly enrich 18 pathways by IPA analysis. 53% of these genes (43 out of 80 genes) are related to cell-morphology, cell death and survival, with a preponderantly representation of signaling pathways related to neurotransmission and to CNS, including axonal guidance, GABA Receptor, ephrin B, synaptic long-term potentiation/depression, and glutamate receptor. Specifically, our results substantiate the role of TRIM8 in the brain functions through the dysregulation of genes involved in different pathways, including JAK-STAT. Finally, we provided additional evidence about the existence of a functional interactive crosstalk between TRIM8 and STAT3 with possible implications in the development and progression of glioma. Overall design: Profiling the transcriptome of TRIM8-expressing primary mouse embryonal neural stem cells using RNA-Seq
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