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Transcriptome analysis using RNA sequencing conducted for wild type (Col-0) and ahl10-1 mutant under control conditions and after 96 h at moderate low water potential (-0.7 MPa)

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Technology Badge IconIllumina HiSeq 2500

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RNA sequencing was used to identify genes differentially expressed (DEG) in ahl10-1 mutant compared to Col-0 wild type. Two treatments were analyzed for each genotype: unstressed control and a 96 hour low water potential (-0.7 MPa) treatment. P<0.05 and fold change = 1.25 used as cut off value for DEG. Approximately 2000-3000 genes were found to be significantly up and down-regulated in the wild type stress versus control treatment using . In control treated seedlings, 10 or less than 10 genes are up and down-regulated in ahl10-1 mutant. In the stress treatment, ahl10-1 has 19 and 42 genes that are up and downregulated, respectively. Overall design: Wild type (Col-0) and ahl10-1 Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings were germinated on agar plates and after seven days of growth, seedlings were transferred either to fresh plates of control media or to moderate severity low water potential (-0.7 MPa) imposed using agar plates of the control media infiltrated with PEG-8000. Samples were collected 96 h after transfer (Control and stress treatments). Three independent biological experiments and mRNA extractions were performed for each genotype/treatment. After quality check and quantitation, the samples were used for sequencing
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