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Accession IconSRP133787

 Differential expression analysis of wildtype and zip-3(gk3164) mutant with next generation sequencing

Organism Icon Caenorhabditis elegans
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Technology Badge IconIllumina HiSeq 2000

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ZIP-3 has been shown to repress the mitochondrial-UPR genes and immune response during P. aeruginosa infection. To identify genes repressed by ZIP-3, we compared transcript profiles from wildtype and zip-3(gk3164) worms raised on P. aeruginosa or E. coli. Overall design: RNA samples were prepared from wild-type(wt) and zip-3(gk3164)(mutant) worms fed either E. coli or P. aeruginosa. Worms were synchronized by bleaching, starved on empty NGM plates for 48h, transferred to E. coli or P. aeruginosa seeded NGM plates for 18h and then harvested. Each experiment was performed in triplicate indicated as 1,2 and 3.
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