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Role of mitochondrial unfolded protein response transcription fatcor ATFS-1 in lifespan of long-lived mitochondrial mutants

Organism Icon Caenorhabditis elegans
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In this work, we examined the effect of the transcription factor ATFS-1 in the long lifespan of the nuo-6 mitochondrial mutant. We also examined the effect of the hypoxia transcription factor hif-1. We sequenced both atfs-1 deletion mutants and atfs-1 gain-of-function point mutants in which the mitochondrial localization sequence of ATFS-1 is disrupted. Note that sequencing batch 2 was previously uploaded as part of GSE93724. Overall design: At least three biological replicates per genotype were sequenced across three batches and at least two biological replicates were utilized for DGE per genotype; mRNA was isolated individually from each replicate. Two genotypes (nuo6hif1 and atfs1et15) had one replicate removed due to introduction of large variation due to technical reasons as examined by PCA. The samples that were removed clustered together and not with their respective genotypes. This was deemed acceptable due to two reasons: 1) only a single genotype had fewer than three biological replicates and 2) the underlying DGE methodology for estimating gene variance in edgeR.
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