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Molecular basis of flowering under natural long-day conditions in Arabidopsis

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Plants sense light and temperature changes to regulate flowering time. The expression of the florigen gene, FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT), peaks in the morning during spring, a different pattern than we observe in the lab. Providing our lab growth conditions with a red/far-red light ratio similar to open field conditions and average natural temperature oscillation is sufficient to mimic the FT expression and flowering time in natural long days. Here, we use RNA-seq to identify and understand the molecular differences between natural growth conditions, conventional lab growth conditions, and supplemented lab growth conditions that mimic natural conditions. Non-NIH grant(s): Grant ID: NSF 1656076 Grant title: Exploring Seasonal Flowering Mechanisms Affiliation: University of Washington Name: Takato Imaizumi Overall design: Examination of 3 different long-day growth conditions samples at two different times of day.
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