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RNA-Seq in human T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma samples and control thymuses

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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Precursor T-cell lymphoblastic neoplasms are aggressive haematological neoplasm that most often manifest with extensive marrow and blood affectation (T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia or T-ALL) or less commonly as a thymic mass with limited bone marrow infiltration (T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma or T-LBL). Here we show data from RNA-Seq in a sample series of T-LBL from Spanish patients.The goal was to determine the levels of expression of coding genes and microRNAs, and to identify all genetic variants including SNVs, indels, and fusion transcripts. Overall design: Expression data were determined by comparson of each tumour sample with two control thymuses (404 and 405). Genetic variants were determined by comparison of tumour sequences with canonical ENSEMBL normal-references of each gene.
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