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RNA-seq sequencing of the transgenic plants seeds

Organism Icon Zea mays
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To analyze influence of ZmDWF4 on seed development, we we chose 10DAP and 15DAP from the transgenic line L100 seed to RNA-seq sequence. Total RNA was extracted from the seeds (10 days after pollination, 10DAP, 15 days after of pollination,15DAP) of transgenic line L100 and wild type Q319. cDNA library was builded in the BIOMARKER, original reads were sequenced based on Illumina HiSeq2000, and through rRNA, low quality fragment DNA of filtering, ultimately, we obtained 99.30Gb high quality clean reads. Compared with reference gene sequence(AGPv3), according to genes function annotation, we found 463, 675 different expression genes, respectively.We classified the different expression genes according to Cellular Component, Molecular Function and Biological Process. It showed that BRs could affect many genes expression involved in different biological process in the seed development. Overall design: Examination of the 10DAP and 15DAP seeds from transgenic line L100 and wild type Q319
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