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The zinc finger transcription factor PQM-1 is a mediator of transcellular chaperone signalling and novel regulator of proteostasis in C. elegans

Organism Icon Caenorhabditis elegans
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The goal of this RNA-Seq analysis was to identify genes differentially expressed in a C. elegans strain overexpressing HSP-90 in the neurons compared to control (N2) animals. C. elegans overexpressing HSP-90 protein in the neurons activate transcellular chaperone signalling that enhances organismal proteostasis. This study aimed to identify components of the signalling pathway responsible for this effect. Overall design: Gene expression profile of L4 C. elegans wild type (N2) animals compared to L4 C. elegans overexpressing HSP-90::GFP in the neurons, using a neuron-specific promoter (F25B3.3p), grown at 20C. 3 replicates of each sample.
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