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Light and G Protein Coordinate Regulation of Arabidopsis Photomorphogensis

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Seeds were germinated on 1/2 MS plates plus 1% sucrose and placed at 4°C for 3 days and then transferred to white light for 12 h before placed in blue light for another 4 days. Total RNA was extracted from samples including WT, agb1, cry1 cry2 and hy5 with RNAprep plant kit (TIANGEN), and followed by DNase I (Takara) treatment. This study reveals the molecular basis for light and G-protein crosstalk by analyzing gene expression profile under control of both signals. Overall design: mRNA from wild type, agb1, hy5 and cry1 cry2 mutants, which were grown in blue light, was sequenced to analyze the genes regulated by CRY- and HY5-mediated blue signaling and AGB1-mediated G protein signaling.
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