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RNA-seq of MCF10A cells stably expressing empty vector, GFP, miR-105, or MYC

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To identify gene expression changes associated with overexpression of miR-105 or MYC in MCF10A non-cancerous human mammary epithelial cells, we analyzed RNA isolated from engineered MCF10A cell lines that stably express empty vector, GFP, miR-105, or MYC by RNA-seq. Gene expression in cells overexpressing miR-105 or MYC was compared to cells expressing the empty vector or GFP, both of which served as controls in this experiment. Overall design: RNA was extracted from MCF10A cells stably expressing pBabe vector, pBabe-GFP, pBabe-miR-105, or pBabe-MYC; RNA was then subjected to library construction and RNA sequencing.
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