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Measuring differential gene expression with RNA-seq in 1mM inorganic arsenic exposed and conreol sibling Tg(fabp10:nls-mcherry) livers at 5dpf

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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The goal of this study is to compare gene expression levels in the livers of larval Tg(fabp10:nls-mcherry) exposed to 1 mM inorganic arsenic from 4-120 hpf to the unexposed siblings. Samples were collected from Tg(fabp10:nls-mcherry) zebrafish larvae that were derived from incrossed parents of the same strain. The background of transgenic lines were typically from mixed outcrosses of the transgenics to AB, TAB5, and TAB14 strains when regenerating the lines as the working stocks aged. All samples were collected at approximately 120 hpf - natural spawning at 8:30-9:00AM EST on day zero, samples were collected at 8-10AM EST on day 5. Overall design: 10-20 livers from 5dpf embryos were pooled per sample of either control or 1 mM inorganic arsenic exposed Tg(fabp10:nls-mcherry) zebrafish larvae and RNA was extracted using the Zymo Quick-RNA Micro Kit with on-column DNase treatment. Libraries were prepared according to Illumina Truseq RNA sample prep kit, version 2, followed by Ribo-Zero Gold treatment.
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