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Early NKT cell wave of IL-4 serves as an innate link to support initiation of B cell immunity during infection

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IL-4/GFP- enhanced transcript (4Get) reporter mice were infected with 200 PFU of Influenza A virus PR8 strain. At day 3 of infection, mediastinal lymph nodes were harvested and GFP+ cells sorted and separated by their ability to bind a CD1d-tetramer (Tet+ n=133 , Tet- n=109 ). Single-cell RNA-Seq was used to identify subpopulations of IL-4 producing cells. Single-cell transcriptomes were clustered using Seurat and differentially expressed genes within each cluster were used to resolve IL-4+ subpopulations and aid in defining their role in initiating B cell immunity during influenza infection. Overall design: Examine cells involved in accute viral response in the lymph node after influenza infection
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