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GmRAV1 regulates regeneration of root and adventitious buds by cytokinin in Arabidopsis and soybean

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Purpose: The goals of this study are to identify what gene GmRAV1 was related to. RNA-Sequencing experiments were designed between GmRAV1-ox soybeans and DN50 soybeans. Methods: Leaves mRNA of 30-day-old DN50 and GmRAV1-ox soybeans were used by RNA sequencing using Illumina HiSeqTM2000. The sequence reads that passed quality filters were analyzed at the transcript isoform level with TopHat followed by Cufflinks. Genome_build: Glycine max Wm82.a2.v1 Results: RNA-seq data confirmed that there are 1467 genes with significant differences. Some genes expression of cytokinin and auxin signaling pathways is dramatically changed, such as GmARR9, GmAUX22, GmPIN1, GmCycD3 and GmPDV2. Conclusions: GmRAV1 are related to cytokinin and auxin signaling pathways. Overall design: High-throughput sequencing using Illumina HiSeq 2000 (RNA-Seq) was performed on 30-day-old DN50 and GmRAV1-ox soybeans.
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