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Transcriptome analysis of maize immature embryos reveals the roles of cysteine in improving Agrobacterium infection efficiency(HiII 2-3)

Organism Icon Zea mays
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In this study, the immature embyros of inbred line Z31and hybrid HiII were heated in 45 C water bath for 2 min, and then infected with Agrobacterium suspension for 5 min. After infection, the immature embryos were transferred onto CO-medium with or without 100 mg L-1 cysteine which is freshly prepared and filter-sterilized. After culturing for 3 days at 25 C under dark conditions, the immature embryos were collected, and stored at -70 C for RNA extraction. The genes up-regulated and down regulated both in Z31 and HiII were analyzed, and elucidate the role of cysteine in improving the efficiency of Agrobacterium infection of maize immature embryo, and provide important information for the improvement of the maize transformation.
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