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RNA-seq data of two half-leaf seedlings under salt treatment and control condition

Organism Icon Oryza sativa, Oryza sativa indica group
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Purpose: Genome-wide expression analysis for introgression line 9L136 and indica variety 93-11 under salt reatment and control to identify specifically differentially expressed in 9L136 under salt stress. Methods: Roots of two-half leaf seedlings of 9L136 and 93-11 were sequenced using an Illumina HiSeq2500 Sequencer; high-quality paired-end reads were mapped to the Nipponbare reference genome (MSU Rice Genome Annotation Project Release 7) using the spliced read mapper TopHat version 2.0.12, and Significant differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were determined based on a threshold of 2-fold expression change and false discovery rate (FDR) < 0.05 using Cuffdiff, one module of Cufflinks. qRT-PCR analysis were performed using SYBR Green Master Mix on CFX96 Real Time System. Results: 1388 genes which specifically differentilly expressed in 9L136 under salt stress were identified, and expression profile of 18 genes randomely selected was confirmed by qRT-PCR. Overall design: RNA-seq data of roots of two half-leaf seedlings under salt treatment and control condition were generated using Illumina HiSeq2500 Sequencer, in triplicate for each sample.
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