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Transcriptome of U251 cells overexpression complement component 7

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We identified a rare coding variant (p.K420Q) in the complement component 7 (C7) gene affecting the risk of Alzheimer's disease. To investigate the cellular effects of the mutant, we performed RNA-seq in cell line overexpression wilt-type and mutant C7. U251 glioma cells with stable expression of mutant APP (K670N/M671L) (U251-APP cells), which produce Aß42 under Dox inducing, were used as the model cell. Total RNA of U251-APP cells overexpressing wild type and mutant C7 proteins were subjected to transcriptome sequencing using Illumina Hiseq 4000 platform. Overall design: C7 overexpression was performed in U251 cell with a stably expression of mutant APP (U251-APP cells) with three biological triplicates for each condition (vector, wild-type, and mutant).
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