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RNA-seq analysis of gene expression levels duing callus formation on CIM using WT and lbd16-2

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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To study the molecular mechanism of how LBD16 contributes to pluripotency acquisition in callus cells, we performed RNA-seq to analyze its potential downstream genes, using leaf explants from wild-type Col-0 and lbd16-2 before culture (0 d) and at 4 days on CIM. Our study suggests that gain of the root primordium-like identity is the key event for callus to acquire pluripotency, and LBD16 gene is a specific root primordium gene that ensures the callus to be pluripotent. Overall design: Total RNA obtained from Arabidopsis wild-type Col-0 or lbd16-2 mutant leaf explants at time 0 and 4 days on callus inducing medium (CIM).
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