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postnb lineage traced cells at 7 and 60 days post cryoinjury (dpi) during adult zebrafish cardiac ventricle regeneration

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Contrary to mammals, zebrafish regenerate their heart upon cryoinjury of the ventricular apex. Regeneration is preceeded by a transient fibrotic response. Here we compare the expression profile of fibroblast-like cells at 7 different time points of fibrosis resolution. Using a postnb:CreERT2; ubb:loxP-GFP-loxP-mCherrycz1701 double transgenic line, we permanently label cells that expressed postnb at 3 and 4 days post injury (dpi) with mCherry by administration of 4-OHT. We sequenced mCherry-labelled cells obtained from the ventricular apex at 7 and 60 dpi. Overall design: postnb-derived cells were FAC sorted from a pool of three to five biological samples. Four pools were collected at 7 dpi and three at 60 dpi. RNA was extracted from those pools and further processed for transcriptome analysis.
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