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Comparison of the expression profiles of kdrl:mCherry-positive cells in injured versus uninjured zebrafish cardiac ventricle and analysis of the expression prolife of postnb:citrin-positive cells upon injury compared to the rest of cardiac cells.

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Contrary to mammals, zebrafish regenerate their heart upon cryoinjury of the cardiac ventricular apex. Regeneration is preceed by a fibrotic response. To understand the contribution of different cell sources to zebrafish cardiac fibrosis we performed an RNASeq including endocardial kdrl:mCherry cells from an uninjured heart, and activated endocardial kdrl:mCherry cells, postnb:citrine fibroblasts and the rest of the cells at 7 days post injury. Overall design: Three to six biological replicates consisting of different cell types obtained from the ventricular apex.
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