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RNA-sequencing analysis of response to P.falciparum infection in Fulani and Mossi ethnic groups, Burkina Faso

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The Fulani ethnic group is relatively protected from Plasmodium falciparum malaria, however a genetic basis for this is unknown. Therefore, we have performed a pilot study to examine global transcription and DNA methylation patterns in specific immune cell populations in the Fulani, compared to a sympatric ethnic group, the Mossi. When we compared uninfected and infected individuals in Fulani and Mossi, a strong transcriptional response was only detected in the monocyte fraction of Fulani, and this was not related to differences in DNA methylation. Overall design: RNA sequencing analysis of CD14+ (monocyte) and CD14- (predominantly lymphocyte), and DNA-methylation analysis of CD14+ (monocyte) fractions of PBMCs, from of Fulani and Mossi individuals, uninfected or infected with P.falciparum. This Series represents the RNA-Seq dataset.
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