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Arabidopsis NAP-related proteins (NRPs) contribute to the coordination of plant growth, developmental rate, and age-related pathogen resistance under short days

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Plant nucleosome assembly protein-related proteins (NRPs) are histone chaperons involved in nucleosome turnover. Despite this basic cellular function, the Arabidopsis nrp1-1 nrp2-1 knock out mutant has been reported to exhibit only relatively mild seedling root phenotypes and to significantly affect the expression of only few hundred genes (Zhu et al., 2006). Here we report that NRP loss-of-function as well as the ectopic overexpression of At NRP1 significantly affected the growth, development, and the pathogen response of Arabidopsis plants under short day conditions. The nrp1-1 nrp2-1 mutant grew faster and flowered weeks earlier than the wild type and the overexpressor. The latter developed slower and flowered at a lower number of leaves than the mutant and the wild type. Moreover, the mutant was more sensitive, the overexpressor was more tolerant to pathogen infection correlating with their more adult and juvenile character, respectively. Transcriptomic comparison of mature non-bolting plants agreed with the phenotypes. The presented and published data indicate that although NRPs might not be absolutely required for plant growth and development, they contribute to the epigenetic coordination of metabolic, growth, defence and developmental processes during adaptation. Overall design: Three groups of Arabidopsis thaliana samples (nrp1-1 nrp2-1 double mutant, wild-type, NRP1 overexpressor), each containing two biological replicates were included in the study
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