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Brassica napus Raw sequence reads

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Optimum flowering time is a key agronomic trait in Brassica napus. To investigate the genetic architecture and gene regulation of flowering time, RNA-Seq technologies were used to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that regulate the flowering time between extreme flowering time lines selected from the RIL population. In this study, 105 flowering time related genes were differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and acts roles in circadian clock/photoperiod, autonomous pathway, hormones and vernalization pathways. DEGs related flowering time regulators were identified and DEGs in QTL regions were paid more attention. Briefly, 45 flowering time related genes were obtained in these QTL regions and eight of them including key flowering time genes PSEUDO RESPONSE REGULATORs7 (PPR7) and FY were DEGs. Based on these findings, we gained new insights into genetic architecture and global transcripts changes of flowering time in B. napus.
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