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Genome-wide gene expression profile from Arabidopsis epiRILs, epiHybrids and Colombia wild type

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Despite the importance and wide exploitation of heterosis in commercial crop breeding, the molecular mechanisms behind this phenomenon are not completely understood. In this study we aimed to understand and quantify the contribution of DNA methylation variation to heterosis in various traits of Arabidopsis. Therefore we created epigenetic hybrid lines from ddm1-derived epiRILs. We performed RNA sequencing on four epiHybrids and their parental lines (epiRILs & Col-wt) in duplicates/triplicates to understand gene expression changes in hybrids genome wide and with a focus on previously mapped QTL regions. Overall design: RNA-seq was performed in four epiRIL lines, four epiHybrid lines and Colombia wild type (epiRILs 92, 150, 193, 232 and epiHybrids 92H, 150H, 193H, 232H and Col-wt)
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