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RNA-Seq gives insights into genetic regulation of the drought-stress response in the cassava leaves

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Cassava is a drought–resistant food crop in tropical and subtropical regions. Although cassava is a relatively drought-tolerant species, the development and yields are greatly affected by the adverse drought conditions. Information about molecular breeding will obtain by studying genetic regulatory mechanism. In this study, we demonstrate the drought-tolerant mechanisms in leaves of both cassava varieties(Xinxuan048 and KU50) by using RNA-Seq technique. 1,880 and 2,066 differentially expressed genes(DEGs) were induced by drought stress in leaves of KU50 and Xinxuan048, respectively. DEGs in the response to drought stress involve in many regulated pathways. ROS- and ABA-associated signaling pathways and photosynthesis-associated regulation are mainly elucidated. In addition, alternative splicing and ingle nucleotide polymorphism also involve in drought-stress responses in both cassava varieties, showing their important roles in response to drought stress in leaves. This study not only increases the understanding of physiological and molecular mechanisms to the drought response in cassava, but also lays a solid foundation on the breeding of drought-resistant varieties using molecular methods. Overall design: plants were treated under normal condition and drought stress.RNA-Seq was performed on leaf of the species under different treatment .
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