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Transcriptional profile of TL1A transgenic mice

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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To assess the effect of different forms of TL1A within different organs of the mouse we generated 2 different transgenic mouse lines where TL1A was expressed under the control of the CD2 promoter. 2 forms of TL1A was used. Either WT TL1A, which led to over expression of both membrane bound and soluble forms of TL1A (Refered to as Mem+Sol) or TL1A Delta 69-93 which only overexpressed membrane restricted TL1A (Refered to as Mem). Lungs and terminal ileums were taken from Either Mem, Mem+sol or WT litermate control mice at 12 weeks of age and the transcriptome assessed using RNAseq Through this we demonstrated enrichment of different transcripts and pathways both dependent on and independent of the form of TL1A and the site of action. This study is also the first to use RNASeq to assess the resualt of overexpression of TL1A within the mouse. Overall design: Poly-A purified mRNA profiles from the Ileum and Lung of Mem, Mem+Sol and WT mice generated using Illumina based RNASeq
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