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Interactions between effector-triggered immunity (ETI) and pattern-triggered immunity (PTI) in an Arabidopsis dde2 ein2 pad4 sid2 mutant

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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We observed inhibition of the hypersensitive response (a typical ETI response) by PTI signaling in an Arabidopsis quadruple mutant dde2 ein2 pad4 sid2 (quad). Thus, we designed an experiment to see the interaction between ETI and PTI signaling at the transcriptome level. The Arabidopsis line dde2 ein2 pad4 sid2 Ed-AvrRpt2 (quadAvrRpt2) was used (Ed-AvrRpt2, estradiol-inducible AvrRpt2 transgene). In this plant line, ETI can be elicited by estradiol (Ed) treatment via in planta expression of AvrRpt2. Transcriptome responses to PTI only, ETI only, and PTI+ETI together were recorded. Overall design: quadAvrRpt2 was treated with one of (1) Mock, (2) flg22 to elicit PTI response only, (3) Ed to elicit ETI response only via AvrRpt2, (4) flg22+Ed to elicit both PTI and ETI responses together. At 0 (untouched), 60, 120, 180, and 300 minutes after treatment, treated plant leaves were harvested for RNA-seq analysis. Three independent experiments were performed (rep1-rep3).
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