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Ascorbate concentration in Arabidopsis is controlled at the gene expression level mainly by GDP galactose phosphorylase

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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We explore where transcriptional regulation of ascorbate concentration lies in plants. Is it in biosynthesis, recycling, regulation or consumption? Arabidopsis thaliana plants were grown under controlled environment at four photon flux density levels (PFD). Rosettes from plants were harvested at the four PFD levels and over a diurnal cycle and after a step change in PFD and analysed for ascorbate concentration and transcript levels measured by RNAseq. Ascorbate concentrations and expression of genes in the L-galactose ascorbate biosynthesis, recycling, consumption pathways and regulation are presented to provide a full analysis of the control of ascorbate by environmentally modulated gene expression. Ascorbate concentration responded to PFD levels but not to time of day and showed only a small response to change of PFD after 2 days. Of the L-galactose pathway genes, only GDP galactose phosphorylase (GGP) showed a significant response in to different PFDs, time of day and to change in PFD. Other genes also showed limited responses. This study compares gene expression of a range of ascorbate related genes to changes in environment in a unified way and supports the concept that GGP is the key regulatory gene in ascorbate biosynthesis and that post transcriptional regulation is also important. Overall design: Arabidopsis were grown in controlled envrionment and ascorbate and gene expression measured at different light intensities, time of day and change in light intensity. 24 samples are analysed with two replicates per treatment.
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