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RNA-seq profiling of rexinoid responsive gene expression during early myogenic differentiation

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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While skeletal myogenesis is tightly coordinated by myogenic regulatory factors including MyoD and myogenin, chromatin modifications have emerged as vital mechanisms of myogenic regulation. We have previously established that bexarotene, a clinically approved agonist of retinoid X receptor, promotes the specification and differentiation of skeletal muscle lineage. Here, we examine a genome-wide impact of rexinoids on myogenic differentiation through integral RNA-seq and ChIP-seq analyses. We found that bexarotene promotes myoblast differentiation through the coordination of exit from the cell cycle and the activation of muscle-related genes. We uncovered a new mechanism of rexinoid action which is mediated by the nuclear receptor and largely reconciled through a direct regulation of MyoD gene expression. In addition, we determined a rexinoid-responsive residue-specific histone acetylation at a distinct chromatin state associated to MyoD and myogenin. Thus, we provide novel molecular insights into the interplay between retinoid X receptor signaling and chromatin states pertinent to myogenic programs in early myoblast differentiation. Overall design: We have profiled the global effect of bexarotene, a selective agonist of retinoid X receptor on myoblast gene expression by RNA-seq analysis using RNA isolated from C2C12 myoblasts following 12 or 24 hours of differentiation in the presence and absence of 50 nM bexarotene, with 2 biological replicates. Proliferating myoblasts were used as controls.
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