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Sub-populations in the mammary repopulating units

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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Elucidating the top of the mammary epithelial cell hierarchy is highly important for understanding its regeneration capabilities and identifying target cells for transformation. Aiming for enriched mammary epithelial stem cell population, CD200highCD200R1high epithelial cells were identified. These cells represent ~50% of the mammary repopulating units (MRUs, CD49fhigh CD24med ) and termed MRUCD200/CD200R1. Gene expression of these cells was compared to all other MRU cells, termed MRUnot CD200/CD200R1, as well as individual CD200+ population (MRU-CD200R1-) and CD200R1+ population (MRU-CD200-). Overall design: Gene expression from mammary epithelial cells carrying sorted by CD200, CD200R1 markers and MRU markers. Four populations were sequenced: MRU-positive CD200 positive and CD200R1 positive; MRU-positive and not CD200 positive CD200R1 positive; not MRU CD200 positive CD200R1 negative; not MRU CD200 negative CD200R1 positive. There are 5 replicates from 5 individual mice.
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