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Early ETI and PTI responses in Arabidopsis thaliana camta3-D (sr1-4d) mutant

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Innate immune responses of plant cells confer the first line of defence against pathogens. Signals generated by activated receptors are integrated inside the cell and converge on transcriptional programmes in the nucleus. In Arabidopsis, the CAMTA family of transcription factors plays a pivotal function in immunity. CAMTA binding motifs are highly enriched in the genes quickly induced during ETI and PTI. Using RNA-seq, we investigated the role of CAMTA TFs during the early ETI and PTI transcriptional responses. Overall design: We compared the expression changes between an Arabidopsis mutant line carrying the camta3-D (sr1-4d) dominant negative mutation and Col-0 wild-type plants following treatment with the PAMP flg22 (100 nM), and the avirulent bacterial strains Pst DC3000 AvrRpm1 (OD600=0.001) and Pst DC3000 AvrRps4 (OD600=0.001). The expression changes were analysed at one time point after each treatment (1 hour for flg22 and 4 hours for Pst DC3000 AvrRpm1 and Pst DC3000 AvrRps4 treatments).
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