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Transcriptomic Analysis of Adult Zebrafish Inner Ear Hair Cells

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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To understand the basic biological property of hair cells (HCs) from lower vertebrates, we examined transcriptomes of adult zebrafish HCs. GFP-labeled HCs were isolated from the utricle, saccule, and lagena, the three inner-ear sensory epithelia of a pou4f3 promoter-driven GAP-GFP line of transgenic zebrafish. 2,000 HCs and 2,000 non-sensory cells from the inner ear were individually collected by suction pipet technique. RNA sequencing was performed and the resulting sequences were mapped, analyzed, and compared. Comparisons allow us to identify enriched genes in HCs, which may underlie HC specialization. Overall design: Examination of transcriptomes of adult zebrafish inner ear hair cells and surrounding cells individually collected and sorted using pou4f3 promoter-driven GFP marking hair cells.
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