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Microbiota regulate intestinal epithelial gene expression by suppressing the transcription factor Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha (zebrafish RNA-seq)

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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We performed RNA-seq from 6 days post fertilization hnf4a-/- and hnf4a+/+ zebrafish larval digestive tracts raised in the absence (Germ Free, GF) or presence (Conventionalized, CV) of microbiota. We found that zebrafish hnf4a activates almost half of the microbiota-suppressed genes, indicating that the microbiota supress Hnf4a trans-activity. We also provide evidence suggesting that microbial suppression of Hnf4a may contribute to IBD pathogenesis. Overall design: Generation and analysis of RNA-seq from hnf4a-/- and hnf4a+/+ zebrafish larvae in the absence (Germ Free, GF) or presence (Conventionalized, CV) microbiota.
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