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Whole genome RNA-sequencing from root tips ofArabidopsis thalianalow-phosphate insensitive mutants under High and Low phosphate

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Phosphate limitation constrains plant development in natural and agricultural systems. Under phosphate-limiting conditions plants activate genetic, biochemical and morphological modifications to cope with phosphate starvation. One of the morphological modifications that plants induce under phosphate limitation is the arrest of primary root growth and it is induced by the root tip contact with low phosphate media. The sensitive to proton rhizotoxicity (stop1) and aluminium activate malate transporter 1 (almt1) mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana continue primary root growth under in vitro Pi-limiting conditions, thus, to get insight into the molecular components that control primary root growth inhibition under low phosphate conditions we extracted and sequenced mRNA from the root tips (2-3 mm from the root apex) of wild-type plants (Col-0 accession) and low-phosphate-insensitive mutants almt1 and stop1 grown under low and high phosphate conditions 5 days after germination using an RNA-seq methodology. Overall design: Analysis of 9 different treatments, 3 different genotypes (Col-0,stop1,almt1), 4 different Phosphate treatments (High Pi, Low Pi, Low Pi -Fe, Low Pi +M), 1 biological replicate for treatment
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