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RNAseq in Pax7-reprogrammed corticotropes AtT-20 cells

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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Deployment of a cell-specifying enhancer repertoire by the pioneer factor Pax7 The establishment and maintenance of cell identity depends on implementation of stable cell-specific chromatin landscapes. Pioneer transcription factors establish new cell fate competences by triggering chromatin remodeling during development. Here, we used pituitary cell specification to define the salient features of pioneer action. Comparison of purified pituitary cells of different lineages showed that chromatin accessibility differs at enhancers rather than promoters. The pioneer factor Pax7 specifies one pituitary lineage identity by opening a specific repertoire of enhancers that are distinct from the myogenic targets of Pax7. Pax7 binds its pioneer targets rapidly and days before chromatin remodeling and gene activation. Finally, enhancers opened by Pax7-dependent chromatin remodeling exhibit loss of DNA methylation and they acquire long term epigenetic memory. The present work identifies enhancer pioneering as a critical feature for cell fate specification and maintenance. Overall design: RNA extraction followed by high throughput sequencing (RNA-seq)
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