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Single cell RNA sequencing analysis of bacterial lipoprotein-induced polyploid macrophages.

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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Granulomas are immune cell aggregates formed in response to persistent inflammatory stimuli. Granuloma macrophage subsets are diverse and carry varying copy numbers of their genomic information. The molecular programs that control the differentiation of such macrophage populations in response to a chronic stimulus, though critical for disease outcome, have not been defined. In this study, we performed scRNA-Seq experiments to gain insights into the transcriptional regulation of polyploid macrophage differentiation in response to chronically persistent inflammatory stimuli. Overall design: scRNA-Seq was performed on FACS-sorted 2c and >4c DNA content polyploid macrophages after six days of bacterial lipoprotein, FSL-1 treatment of bone marrow-derived macrophage precursors. 2c DNA content macrophages treated with M-CSF alone were used as controls. CEL-Seq2 protocol was used for single cell sequencing (Hashimshony et al. 2016).
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