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Zebrafish microglia transcriptome

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Purpose: Identify zebrafish microglia transcriptome in the healthy and neurodegenerative brain. Methods: RNA sequencing was performed on FACS-sorted microglia (3x), other brain cells (3x) and activated microglia (4x). Microglia activation was induced using nitroreductase-mediated cell ablation. 10-20 million reads per sample were obtained. Reads were mapped to zebrafish genome GRC10. Results: We identified the zebrafish microglia transcriptome, which shows overlap with previously identified mouse microglia transcriptomes. Transcriptomes obtained 24h and 48h after treatment appeared highly similar. Therefore, these datasets were pooled. Additionally, we identified an acute proliferative response of microglia to induced neuronal cell death. Overall design: Zebrafish microglia transcriptomes of homeostatic microglia (triplicate), other brain cells (triplicate), activated microglia 24h (duplo), activated microglia 48h (duplo). In data analysis all activated microglia samples were pooled.
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