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Proliferation-independent regulation of organ size by Notch signaling

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Purpose: To identify genes that are transcriptionally controlled by Notch signaling during zebrafish lateral line proneuromast formation. Methods: We isolated primordium cells from dissected tails of 36 hpf Tg((cldnB:GFP);Tg(cldnB:gal4) x Tg(UAS:nicd)) and sibling Tg((cldnB:GFP);Tg(cldnB:gal4)) embryos by FACS and performed RNASeq analysis. Results: Using an optimized data analysis workflow, we mapped about 26 million sequence reads per sample to the zebrafish genome (build danRer10) and identified 32,105 transcripts in the dissociated tails of WT and NICD zebrafish with TopHat workflow. Approximately 2% of the transcripts showed differential expression between the WT and NICD tails, with a fold change =0.5 and p value <0.01. Conclusion: RNASeq analyses revealed that Notch signaling cell-autonomously induces apical constriction and cell adhesion. Overall design: Zebrafish lateral line mRNA profiles of 36 hours wild type (WT) and NICD embryos were generated in triplicate, using HiSeq 2500 (Illumina).
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