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Molecular basis of drought-induced susceptibility to the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae

Organism Icon Oryza sativa, Magnaporthe oryzae
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In order to understand the mechanisms of Drought induced susceptibility (DIS) we’ve conducted a dual RNAseq experiment on rice infected tissues by Magnaporthe oryzae. At 4 days post inoculation tissues have been collected on mock inoculated and M. oryzae inoculated plants. Rice were conducted under two type of water regime: DIS Drought during three days before inoculation, NoDIS no drought before inoculation. RNAseq was conducted both on rice and fungal RNA. Overall design: shoot tissus mRNA 21-day old rice plant were generated by deep sequencing. Three samples per conditions, Four conditions: NoDIS Mock, NoDIS Inoc, DIS Mock, DIS Inoc. NoDIS = plant were conducted with a normal water regime. DIS = plant received no watering during three days before inoculation. Mock = Plant inoculated with control solution (gelatin 0,5%). Inoc = Plant inoculated with Magnaporthe oryzae isolate Fr13 with gelatin 0,5%.
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